Power of Grapefruit

Do not underestimate grapefruits. Only one half of a medium pink grapefruit contains approximately 52 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of sodium, 0 grams of cholesterol, 13 grams of carbohydrates (including 8.5 grams of sugar and 2 grams of dietary fiber), and 1 gram of protein. Consuming one half of a fruit daily will satisfy 64% of your vitamin C needs, 28% of vitamin A, 2% of calcium, and 2% of magnesium.

grapefruit photo

Vitamin C and the antioxidant, when eaten fresh or applied to skin, can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone and texture. Also, grapefruits can help to deal or prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.

There are different theories when it comes to grapefruits and weight- loss. Some studies show fantastic results and credit grapefruits for transformation. However, other theories demonstrated that The grapefruit diets cause weight loss because they are low in calories, not because grapefruit has any magical properties. I personally agree with the low-calorie theory.  One way or the other, grapefruits are healthy, so keep them in your menu!

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Spring is in Los Angeles

Sundays have become my family days when we go hiking out visit parks.  Today was very special because we enjoyed the delights of California spring. image image

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How to get a body like models ★ Can you look like a magazine’s cover superstar?

We love celebrities! We appreciate their talent and the way they motivate us. Also, we admire their beautiful bodies! Often we say: “Gush, I want a body like that,” or ” I wish I had her legs,” or “man, I would kill for his  abs.” It is undisputed that actors, models and singers have gorgeous bodies and clearly work very hard to have this amazing result. However, what you watch on television or see in magazines is not what you would see with a naked eye because pictures and videos are the product of many professionals and artists. So don’t be hard on yourself if you are not pleased with what you see in a mirror. You are just great the way you are!!! 

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Fitappy on Facebook!

I finally did it! This year we can motivate each other, and stay conected also on Facebook. I wish you all a happy, prosperous, and Fit 2015! Please join Fitappy on Facebook!


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Happy New Year!

Yes, it is this time of a year when many search for improvements, so naturally we reflect on past and make new promises for the future, or create challenges, etc. My advise: If you think you will not live up to your new resolutions – don’t make them.

This New Year’s Day I went hiking. I only wish that 2015 will allow me to spend more time hiking with my daughter and that she will learn to enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy New Year everyone!! Do what you love everyday and enjoy it! NewYearHike (Medium)

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Booty Blaster Workout ★ Plyometrics & Weights Exercises for Sexy Legs, glutes & Thighs

Here is my newest video. After I had my baby girl I had to work very hard on getting back in shape – I still work on it :) I have a new approach towards fitness, rebuilding my body and regaining strength.  The most challenging thing is finding time! Really. I can not afford one hour a day to exercise. Some day I will shoot a video and brag about this issue. Now, about this workout. It is not easy. However, it will deliver results if you work hard, challenge yourself and of course eat clean. Every time you perform this workout, it should be very challenging and the only way to accomplish that is by adjusting your weights by selecting heavy weights. Moreover, do not cheat yourself on plyometrics :) If you never worked with weights, start slow and build your way up. If you want great results, expect to  a sweat a lot!  

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How to Control Food Cravings ★ STOP Overeating and Lose Weight

I apologize for the quality of this video. I am working on organizing a new space or a better light…  Anyway, here is a video about controlling cravings! If you are one of those people who can not resist cravings – this video is for you. I hope you will find at least one tip that will work for you. I personally like waiting 15 minutes. Often I tell myself I will wait before I have another piece of chocolate, or a cookie.  15 minutes later I don’t want it anymore :)  It works for me.


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HIIT Circuit – Happy Monday Workout!

Here is my Monday challenge: Set a clock for 30 minutes and preform this circuit. Rest for 30-60 seconds and do it again. Do as many rounds as possible within 30 minutes.tree jump If you complete total of 8 sets before time is up – you beat the clock and you are done! If this is you, please share your time with us so we will be motivated for the next time or the next workout. Good luck and have fun!

10 Burpees
10 Squats (preferably with weights)
10 Push ups
20 Bicycle crunches (each leg)
25 Mt climbers (each leg)

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Chocolate doesn’t make us Fat!!

I read an interesting article yesterday and decided to share great news! According to another European research, chocolate does not make us fat. Moreover, it was associated with a lower body fat in teens, who consumed a lot of it. Apparently, chocolate is high in catechins, plant compound that may increase insulin sensitivity, which helps to keep weight down. Still, before you stuff your face, it’s best to limit yourself to one ounce a day.  I personally have a different take on it. Although the article said it’s OK to have a small piece daily, it may also trigger sugar craving. Decide for yourself, especially if you are not a teenager :) 

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Happy Monday

Hello there! I found this great image, and I thought of all of you who need motivation. Happy Monday  :) Motivational-Fitness 2

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