Jump Rope Challenge ♦ Beat Your Personal Best each time!

A spiking rope Challenge Exercise: Try to complete 1000 (yes, a thousand) skips as fast as you can, any style you want. Record your score after each round and sum up your total at the end of your workout. Remember, Have Fun with it 🙂 Here are my results 165, 165, 163, 152, 157, 143, 149; Total: 1094

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8 Responses to Jump Rope Challenge ♦ Beat Your Personal Best each time!

  1. FitnessShock says:

    Jumping rope is an awesome HIIT workout. I am going to do this workout tomorrow. Thanks
    Stay Fit!

  2. Selina says:

    I love jump rope workout, they are awesome cardio workout. I did the jump rope and lunges workout video 2x this morning.

  3. jasmina says:

    This is amazing workout I was thinking about this long time ago and finally I did.this very helpful website,thank you!

  4. jsa147 says:

    The jump rope videos are fantastic, and have really helped my technique. I’m up to 150 jumps per set now, after a short space of time. Many thanks, and keep the great videos coming!!!

  5. jsa147 says:

    Fantastic videos!! You have really helped my technique!! I’m upto 150 jumps a set now!!

  6. Madam you look so beautiful….Can i hug you????

  7. coraliediatkine says:

    I did 840 with an average of 120. I sometimes mix my feet in the rope…. Thank you!

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