Intense Training ★ Super Cardio Workout

This workout is intense. 20 seconds of intenseactivity followed by 10 sec. of rest. High intensity workout comprised of very intense work are great because with this type of training you can boost metabolism for 24 hours post-exercise. Why? Because of the higher demand on you body. In addition, you can burn more total calories because of an increase in resting metabolism.  If you’ve never done this type of exercise before, start with a few rounds (2-5 min total) and build from there. Remember, always warm up and cool down to avoid injury. Have fun with it.

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3 Responses to Intense Training ★ Super Cardio Workout

  1. Anna Churchill says:

    Love this! I am visiting friends and it’s 10 degrees so I don’t want to do my usual 20 minute run. This was an easy way to get my cardio indoors!

    • Josh says:

      Can I burn 1000 calories with this i I do it at the same pace as you? I’m 140 pounds

      Need results quick. I have a good diet down and only need an effective workout.

      • Don’t worry about counting calories. I stopped long time ago.
        When you’re out of breath, sweating and truly pushing yourself – you’re doing all the needed work 🙂
        Do YOUR best, keep working hard and you’ll see some amazing results soon!!

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