Cardio or Strength: Which exercise do you do First ★ How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training?

How should we exercise? Should we do cardio exercises first or strength training first? Can we combine them? In this video I tried to answer the best I could. I based my opinion on years of training. In short, everything depends on your needs and your training plan. Some people don’t have luxury of working out everyday for an hour or longer so their plan will probably look different from body builders who devote a lot of time to workout. There is one thing I forgot to mention in this video. Longer doesn’t mean better. Plan your workouts in advance. Don’t spend too much time exercising (especially longer than 1 hour on cardio machines) hoping you will burn more fat because you can also burn your muscles. In addition, you shouldn’t exercises to the point of exhaustion. It can be unhealthy and discouraging. Take it easy and get to know your body and its limits before you start more intense workouts and push yourself. Remember, time is everything so allow weeks or months to see results. Don’t forget to eat right and always drink plenty of water.

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2 Responses to Cardio or Strength: Which exercise do you do First ★ How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training?

  1. Loredana says:

    Thanks a lot! You’re so inspiring for me!!!

  2. Saved as a favorite, I likе your site!

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