All-Over Toning & Jump For Joy Workout ★ Powerful & Fun 10 min. with a Skipping Rope

Got 10 minutes? Or you’re going to use same old, lousy excuses… again!!  I know, summer is over but you still want to look good, right? Get off this chair and do yourself a favor. It’s only 10 minutes! You won’t regret it, and I promise you- you will feel better 🙂

About FITAPPY Fitness

Welcome! FITAPPY is a destination offering many customized exercises, diet and nutrition tips. My blog and workout videos are designed to inspire and motivate people to get fit & change their lives and be happy :)
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5 Responses to All-Over Toning & Jump For Joy Workout ★ Powerful & Fun 10 min. with a Skipping Rope

  1. Cindy Long says:

    Hi! Love your site! First found you on youtube while looking for jump rope videos. Like you, exercise is my top priority and I am always being told I over train. I don’t think so, and know there is room for more and better training! I would love to know more about you like your name, where your lovely accent comes from and how old you are – if you care to share any of that information. You are a real motivator and inspiration to me! I plan to keep checking your site for updates. I am a long distance runner and have a strength training routine, but have recently added HIIT using the jump rope. I am 53 and a mom and grandmom. I do hope you continue posting and keeping us motivated and inspired to keep moving onward and upward. You have some really great videos, too!

  2. Belle Crane says:

    I want to start jumping rope, I am 60 and have not done since a child. What jump rope do you use?
    Love your videos!

  3. Hi,I really love your site,ma’am!!!it is the best blog i have read..
    i especially like your stomach exercises…

  4. Laksika says:

    Hello, I like your website !!! I workout at the gym 3-4days a week. I’m trying to learn jump rope different styles. I only know some basic styles. Your video helps me a lot!!! I’ll keep practicing … Thank you so much:)

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