W6 Abs

I’m going to post here all exercises related to Weider’s 6 pack abs training. The program consists of 6 exercises performed everyday for 42 days (6weeks). However, every few days the number of repetitions in each set will increase, therefore making it more challenging for you and your muscles.  Trust me, it gets harder after first week but don’t give up! Try your best everyday and good luck 🙂

♦ Tutorial 
♦ Tutorial 2 – updated after 2 weeks into the program
♦ Day 1 
♦ Day 2-3
♦ Day 4-6
♦ Day 7-10
♦ Day 11-14
♦ Day 15-18
♦ Day 19-22
♦ Day 23-26
♦ Day 27-30
♦ Day 31-34
♦ Day 35-38
♦ Day 39-42

~ The End ~

35 Responses to W6 Abs

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  3. Ziemek says:

    great tutorial managed to get to 11th day and still going 🙂 . Listening to Your advices I decided to do this program twice: easier version with leg down (excluding bicycles of course) and then right after that with proper experience (and hopefully strength) I will try more advanced version.

    keep up good work! 🙂

  4. Kim Yoo-Ra says:

    Day 1
    Little bit hard

  5. Canary says:

    I really really love your training clips! First, I would like to say: thanks to you!

    Second, I have a question about the 6 Pack Abs Program performed EVERYDAY for 42 days. I’ve tried to follow this program for 12 days, non-stop! Then I have to go to work abroad, and was so busy that couldn’t follow everyday. I mean,1 day trained, 1 day off, then 1 day trained, 1 day off (hope you understand what i mean). And now i’m trying to continue everyday again (just come back from work) I would like to have your advice about my case, if I have to start at the beginning again or keep going on?
    Sorry if my english is bad!
    Look forward to your advise!

    • it’s ok to take a day or two off (if you need some rest or more recovery time, for example). You can continue training where you have stopped but count only days when you exercise. However, when you take off 3 days or more, you should go back a few days (ex. do 2-4 reps less). The longer the break the more you should go back. do you know what I mean?

      • Canary says:

        Wow, it’s great! Yes, I absolutely understood what you mean! Thank so much for your advice! I’ll try my best to reach the 42th training day!
        Luckily, I found your tutorial and follow them! You’ve inspired me to work out a lot!!!
        Thanks again!

  6. Sarah says:

    What do I have to do when I finish the 42 days training?

  7. laliane says:

    Hi been doing this work out and I’m on my 18th day.From size 7 I’m now wearing size 3. Will it yield a different result if I divide the three sets for the whole day?Thanks and God bless!

  8. Mafic Olivin says:

    i like yours tips and video, it is very good for assist me to do the trainning. now my weight 69kg height 64cm and i want decrease the weight until 60kg.
    Btw you look like an artist for gym clothes and so beautifull…ouw.. may i get one of yours legging for my collections hopefully…..lol
    thank you very much.. bye

  9. Albie says:

    I’ve got no problems til day 31!I’m now at day 33 and I am needing more and longer breaks,what does it mean?should I keep for a longer time between day 31 and 34 until it gets better or even do again the previous ones???I need an advice please…

  10. Camille says:

    Hi! Just finished my fourth day video and I’m loving it! A few things… I am on a pretty healthy diet right now; mostly meats and fruits and vegetables with whole grain once or twice a day. Will my abs at the end of this regimen be evident? Or should I cut back more? I run for 30 minutes then come home and do this so I just want to make sure I’m doing it all correctly. Any suggestions? I just want to lose about ten pounds.

    • It’s not only about what you eat but also how much you eat.
      Results are different for each person. Most people get stronger abs and some get 6packs

      • claudia says:

        FITAPPY, Are there any exercises from the 6 pack abs videos that you do not recommend for those of us who have a greater tendency of lower back pain. Some ab exercises are just not good for the lower back and can be modified or should not be done at all. I’m just wondering after reading some of the replies about back issues after 2 weeks, if there are some we should be cautious of? Thank you!

      • These exercises are not for everyone. If it hurts – don’t do it and find another workout video 🙂

  11. brigit says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for all the effort you put in making your videos.
    Love them and they keep me well on track as i find them really stimulating as well
    On day 22 now although i started again after problems with my back the first time round after day 14.Folowing your advise took a break of 4 4days and started alover again.
    Seeing really great results already and abbs getting stronger…..so love it
    Thanks again

  12. kika says:

    hi , i m wondering if u can recommende another exercise , the last one is too difficult i have a back problem. im on day 18.

  13. karina12128 says:

    Cześć. Mam jedno pytanie,jestem na 16 dniu,nie jjem po godz 18:00,odżywiam się zdrowo i w małych ilościach,ale tyję!Dlaczego???

  14. Dana says:

    It really works, I followed it untill the last day, but after 14-15 days, I was making 1 day break between the sessions. I also combined it with gym abs at machines, 1-2 times per week. Thank you for sharing this program with us.

  15. Magda says:

    Hi Agnieszka,
    First I would like to say that I really find your website and provided exercises very helpful for me,thank you!:)Now, I have a question regarding the exercises for slim and sleek arms,namely,how often should I do them to see the results?For now, I have been doing them three times a day (with a very short break between each session).Would it be more recommendable to increase the daily sessions in order to get the results quicker?I realize that it all may depend on my built, weight , age etc…Thus I am giving you the details: I am 35 years old, I weigh 48 kg,I am 1.61 cm tall.Taking all the information into account ,could you please advise me what would be the best work out for me? Thank you very much for taking this request into consideration.
    Many, many thanks!!
    Kind regards,

  16. Savi says:

    Hi there, love all these vids, I’m soo excited to get it started. I’m not aiming for a six pack, but to just tone Down a bit. I have two questions, may u take a minute to answer?
    1. On another abs video u mentioned that we need a day or two’s break before working the same group of muscles, if that’s so, is it ok to do these everyday for six weeks?
    2. Also, how do u manage doing these during “that time of the month”?
    Btw u should tell us ur name? May be?.. 🙂
    Love all the vids and the way u explain them patiently is very nice. Thanks a ton for posting theses vids.
    I also love the dumbell abs video of yours on youtube.
    Savi (India)

  17. francescoita says:

    i’m on a 31 days and i’d like to know if is there any more intensive workout after this w6,because i think i saw in internet let me say the next step of w6 but i’m not sure can you help me? thank you

    saluti from Italy 🙂

  18. Work it! says:

    I think what everyone wants to know is, seeing as you finished, did you end up with a 6pack and do you have any evidence? 😉

  19. Vasek says:

    Please can you share what kind of interval timer you use? I tried to find an app for iPhone but wasn’t successful. Any advice on this?
    Thank you!

  20. Terri says:

    what size ball are you using in your videos..

  21. hi mam do i have to these workout everyday?is it before or after breakfast?
    do women have six pack?
    what happens to the belly button then?

  22. also mam does your belly button become deep as we do the above exercises??

  23. mrthappy says:

    really explosive workout..

  24. Mark says:

    Good job on a great training program. I’ve now completed this and am made up with the results, however I think it’s important to point out that 90% of getting a 6 pack or flat stomach is in eating healthily & having a balanced diet. I found this program actually got easier as my abs got stronger. I also amended it slightly by taking the short rest after exercise 4 as I found exercises 5&6 the hardest. I’m still going to carry on doing this program 2-3 times a week though as I love it so much!!

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