700 Calories in 30 minutes!

Is it possible to burn 700 calories in just a half hour? Sure it is!!

Unfortunately, however, I do not believe this machine was telling the truth. According to the stair master’s display, I have burned over 700 calories. Although I did some serious sweating, and I felt like I did the maximum physical output in those 30 minutes, I do not believe I have burned that much. I have done cardio on  the stairs before many, many times, and I have burned over 700 calories, however it has never happened with in 30 min. time frame. So, either I have really pushed myself beyond my know “capacity” or the machine did wrong calculations.

Bottom line: I personally do not rely on any fitness machines. I do my best  when I workout and I trust that it was a great workout. Instead of counting calories, I monitor my own progress and see how I feel, how much I sweat, and how my body handles the challenge on this particular day! That is my best and most reliable indicator!0707161106b

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Heavy Rope Workout Routine

Amazing Heavy Rope Workout HIIT! I have seen it in magazines, gym, and I have heard about it. Personally, however, I never tried it until I was strongly determined to lose weight after my second pregnancy.  Usually I prepare my workouts ahead of time, before coming to the gym that is, and stick to my plan that includes plenty of exercises. As I mentioned, I have seen heavy ropes but I always somehow did not include it into my workout routine.

A couple weeks ago, I went to a gym, that recently opened, and the heavy ropes were just in front of the machine I was using. I decided to give it a try as a final exercise. Oh man, why have I not tried it before?! It is really challenging! Or maybe it feels challenging because it was my first time or/and my body is not used to it. I did only a couple of rounds since  I had to rush to pick up my child from a kids’ club. Fortunately, I came back next week and did the full HIIT workout: 8 rounds. I was toasted. I felt like I was going to have a massive heart attack. My heart was ready to jump out of my chest, and my body felt like a furnace!

I highly recommend this workout routine. If you are a beginner, however, or if it is your first time: take it easy, take longer breaks, and do not do as many rounds; 2-3 rounds should be enough for starters. Later, once your conditioning improves you can increase the total number of rounds, increase the lengths or those rounds, and/or decrease the resting periods.


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Fit during pregnancy. Swimming!

I try to stay fit for myself. And now since I am pregnant again, want my baby to be fit as well ! Swimming is great for pregnant women. When I was pregnant with my daughter (my first pregnancy), I swam at least once a week. I guess I have to be pregnant just to force myself to go to the swimming pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love the water sports; it’s just that it takes a lot of time to drive to the gym with the pool, and sometimes I have to wait for available lap lanes. Thus, pool is not my most preferred place to exercise. But, gush, this was an incredible day in the outdoor heated pool! I almost wanted to say that this is why I moved to California.


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30 Days Challenge for nice legs, thighs, and butt. Squat Challenge!

Are you ready to challenge yourself? This program includes variety of squats to keep it interesting. Exercises are known and if you maintain proper technique your lower body should see results in about a month. I recommend doing 2-4 sets of each exercise. Of course, don’t forget to eat right and train the rest of your body! Please revisit my old video on how to maintain proper form when squatting because its very important.

Train hard and stay fit!

30-day-squat-challenge for a nice butt


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Broccoli & Flax Seed Omelet with Oats ★ Quick & Easy Recipe for Perfect, Healthy & Yummy Breakfast

Quick & Easy Recipe for Perfect, Healthy & Yummy Breakfast!  I think the recipe is very easy and straightforward. Enjoy! 

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Happy 4th of July Amazing Fireworks show! Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to wish all of you Happy 4th of July! Some of you don’t know what this holiday is all about but on July 4th, every year, Americans celebrate their Independence Day. I hope all of you, your friends and family have a wonderful weekend. Here is a short video I shot while at Magic Mountain. We had a fun day and later that evening we watched fireworks display. It was spectacular! 

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Ultimate Booty, Thighs & Legs! Short and Intense workout. TABATA!!

Here is a great workout to get your booty, thighs and legs in shape in a very short time. Tabata Squats with weights. I would not recommend it to everyone. Make sure your body is  a little stronger. In other words you should know what you are doing, and how to keep a good form without thinking about it.  That will develop naturally when you do some workouts before attempting this one. Also, make sure to warm up and stretch before. Tabata is a fantastic addition to your workout routine and finalize your  exercising for a day:)  Have fun! 

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Time goes by so quickly!!

My daughter got her first karate uniform this week. It shocked 1st geeme when I put it on her because I realized that in a few months my baby will be ready to take her first class! Although I took my first karate class many, many years ago, I still remember it and sometimes it feels like it happened not that long ago. Yes, time flies and we will never get it back, so spend every minute to live life to its fullest!!

Do what you love doing and enjoy doing it.

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Sexy Booty! Final workouts :)

for the past month I have been posting, mostly on Facebook, exercises adding final touch in sculpting legs, thighs and booty for this coming summer! For this last week I’m going to intensify my workout and go heavy and limit breaks between sets. I will do the following workout video on Monday. and on Wednesday tabata squats. For Friday do this video (same as Monday).

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Short workout- Fast results ★ Sexy Booty, Abs & Arms♦ Easy and effective exercises

I created this video for people demanding easier workouts! Eventually we all should become more ambitious and aim for harder, more difficult workouts because this is the only way to improve, get stronger, and achieve desired results.  This workout is really simple. It consists of only two basic exercises and most of us can do them. For people looking for more challenging workouts I would suggest using slightly heavier weights on squats, however too much weigh may prevent you engaging your arms properly, so use your judgment. Also, make sure to maintain right form. Watch my squats tutorial video in my earlier posts if not sure whether you do it correctly. Have fun!

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