How to Fall in Love with Running?

How do I love running? I never liked running. I have always hated it. A single thought of running made me go ugh… When I started training karate years ago, my trainer encouraged running to improve conditioning. So I forced myself a few times and ran (1 mile in 12 minutes) hating every second of that activity! It was a torture! Rather, I preferred other sports (like kicking bag). Anything but running!

Then Covid-19 happened and everything shot down. Remember those days? In summer of 2020 I found myself over 30 pounds above my normal weight and no reasonable way to get fitter. I was done with law school, took the bar, and I needed to exercise to get back into shape. Unfortunately, all fitness facilities were closed. The only thing left for me was running on the streets. So I did it. I still hated it. I purchased a fitness watch to monitor my progress and I invested in headphones for motivation. It compelled me to run outside twice a week. On other days I worked out with weights in my bedroom.

About a year later gyms reopened and my running stopped. Overjoyed, I went back to my old routines in a gym – mostly weight training and climbing stairs. However, about 2 months later I missed the intensity I was getting from running. I stepped on a treadmill and, again, I forced about 2 miles. Weird, I disliked the activity but I liked the after-effect. I loved how my body felt after running. Nothing made me sweat as much as running. I missed it. I started running more often and longer distances. Needless to say, I got leaner and my waistline narrowed.

Instinctively, my attitude towards running changed. I challenged myself. I created workouts involving running. I ran faster. I played with intervals, intensity, speed, and incline. Nothing burned more calories than running. I met other runners in a gym, and sometimes we ran together. Running partners are savers on “bad” days when I feel unmotivated and I don’t want to do anything– yes, I still have those days.

Now, in addition to my weight training, running is a part of my workout routines. On good days, I can run 1 mile under 7 minutes. Generally, I keep my workouts between 20- 40 min. about twice a week. Thanks to running, diet and weights, I am back to my comfortable 120 pounds.

Takeaway: Even if you absolutely hate running, you will love the results. It may seem challenging at first but it will take time to improve. At first try walk-run-walk intervals. Be patient and consistent. You will welcome amazing results! And who knows, you may just fall in love with running!

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Best Butters, Oils & Lotions for STRETCH MARKS★ How to Prevent and Smooth Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Many people, not only pregnant women, struggle with stretchmarks. Pregnancy, however, makes our skin more vulnerable.  Although, no single product guarantees stretchmarks prevention, it may be worth helping your skin to get more “elastic.” In addition, exercise at least 3-4 times a week, and drink lots, and LOTS of water! You have to stay healthy and well hydrated so your skin will benefit from it. Watch both videos, where I talk about products that I have used during all of my 3 pregnancies. You can find the links to creams and lotions in the description under the videos. I hope this will help.

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Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles ★ Workout for Women – How to do Kegel Exercises.

Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs in women are bladder, bowel and uterus. Pelvic floor muscle training exercises can help strengthen the muscles under those organs. Body Ball pic WEB (small)Also, they play an important role in sexual function. Strengthening these muscles can reduce pelvic pain during sex and increase the ability of achieving pleasurable sensations. In addition, during pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles support the baby and assist in the birthing process. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. When those muscles are weak, women cannot fully control the bladder, and that results in “wet” accidents, especially when we cough, sneeze or have a full bladder. Therefore, it is important to exercises pelvic floor before getting pregnant, or early in the pregnancy. Do this workout at least once a day! It’s only 5 min. Anyone can find 5 min, right? 😘

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Happy Baby Workout – Exercises for Pregnant Women and Beginners

Another of my workouts dedicated for pregnant women in all three trimesters. However, you do not have to be pregnant to do it. Anyone can exercise! Exercises are relatively easy and less intensive. If you are looking for exercises for beginners this is perfect.

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How to Make a Face Mask in 1 minute ★ No SEWING- DIY Tutorial.

This video shows the easiest way to make a protective Mask in 1 minute or less! No sewing is needed. All you need is a bandana or a piece of cotton fabric (like a t-shirt) and a couple of rubber bands. Then you will have to fold the fabric and attach the bands. The video illustrates step-by-step instruction how do make a face mask yourself at home in just 1 minute or less. Easy to follow tutorial. Anyone can to it, so protect yourself against Corona virus and Covid-19. Stay home and stay safe.

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Best 20 min Workout at Home – Stay away from Gyms, Covid-19 & Coronavirus

This is by far one of the best workouts you will ever find! And it’s free! It’s 20 minutes long but it can get intense.  Now,  with a coronavirus and Covid-19 scares, gyms are getting closed and workouts at home are recommended. Therefore, go ahead and try this intense fat burning exercises.  I guarantee you will absolutely love it.

This is not a new video,  however it’s worth revisiting. I’m currently 7 months pregnant,  and I will not film any intense videos anytime soon. Thus, I encourage you to do this workout. You will sweat and burn tones of calories. I remember, I absolutely loved filming it, and often used it as one of my own workouts. I,m sure you will love it too, and will not regret it. Bur you must try it first. Have fun, and try not to think too much about what’s going on in the world right now. Dedicate this 20 min just for yourself.


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Love your ABS! Workout for beginners!

We feel embarrassed about our bodies and often hide abs. Ultimately, we end up wearing T-shirts on a beach! Why? Because we do not like the way we look. We hide fat on our stomachs, muffin tops, love handles, etc. It’s time to change it and  start working on our bodies!! You can have a nice flat belly but you must work for it! It is not going to be easy. It’s going to be a long journey, but you have to start somewhere. This workout is a way to begin. However, you must eat healthy diet, and do exercises that will burn fat. What are you waiting for? I am here for you!


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Do YOU want to have the cutest butt? How to get a Bubble Butt? Workout & Diet

Would you believe me if I told you that you have the most amazing butt in the world? Probably not. I am confident, however, that if you put enough hard work into building and carrying for your glutes, you can have the nicest butt! That’s why its called personal ASS-et. But first, you have to earn this tile.

Girls are crazy about bubble butts nowadays. Why? Because big butts are popular. Many celebrities show off their big butts, and that spreads the message. Bubble Butt, or beautifully shaped, firm and toned butt. Either way, I guess, it depends on condition of YOUR butt at the moment, and what is your goal. Many girls point to celebrities, or pictures in the magazines asking: “what do I need to do to get a butt like THAT?”  First of all, you need to understand that magazines photoshop pictures before publishing them. Then, some people have different genetics than your. Nevertheless, if you really want this AWESOME butt, go for it. Work very hard, and you will have an ASSet of your dreams. Please watch below videos.

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Take a First Step to change your life!

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or tone up your body, you have to start somewhere, right? You must make a first step towards your goal, and many people do not know where to start and what to do. Here is my tip.

Start with an easy set of exercises. Select a workout that you can actually do, and you will enjoy doing. However, do not get comfortable with this for too long. After a week or two, chose a workout that is more difficult. Find something that will be challenging for you, meaning that the exercises should be hard for you to do, or the workout will be long enough to exhaust you. Also, using weights adds the level of difficulty. Once you challenge yourself, and your body faces those challenges, your body will begin to change. You will notice visible changes, your body will start getting firmer, your clothes will fit better, and you will feel happier! Overall, you will have more energy to do other things with enthusiasm. When this happens, the motivation for future workouts will burst from you, and exercising will become part of your daily routines like brushing your teeth, showering, or doing makeup.  But do not select too advanced workouts or exercises that you will hate doing. It will discourage you. Moreover, find an instructor who motivates and supports you. easter photo fitappy

Exercises alone will not do magic. You must eat right and healthy. Healthy diet is an excessive topic. You can find a lot of information here on my blog. Bottom line, you should educate your self about fats, carbs and protein, and implement your knowledge into your daily meals . Remember, no matter how hard you exercises, you will not see results of your sweat if you do not eat right!!! I think eating is the hardest part because people cannot break bad habits of eating junk, overeating or drinking sugary beverages!

Good news: there is still enough time to lose weight and jump into your bikini with confidence before summer arrives!

Happy Easter!

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8 min. Beach workout

Hi! I Went to the beach the other day to shoot a workout video, but it turned out to be a very windy day. I debated whether I should film anything because of the wind and the sound interference. Finally, I decided to film a workout without narration, and this video is the product of my decision. If you follow my blog and YouTube channel, then you know that I usually talk a lot. Therefore, workout video without any words just feels odd. Nevertheless, let me know what you think of it, and how do you like workout videos without comments.


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