Know the Difference Between Heels Elevated Squat and Toes Elevated SQUAT.

What is the difference between these 2 squats? Which squat is better?
Well, all depands on your fitness goals and flexibility level. Which muscle do you target?
Is is better to do one squat than the other? Elevated squat is a very popular variation.

Heels elevated squat activates more quads, allows you to go deeper into a squat but its harder on your knees. Performing Toes elevated squat prevents you for going as deep but it’s gentler on knees. These are major differences. Now you know which modification is right for you.

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How to Hide Pregnant Belly with Clothing ★ 5 Tips on How to Keep your Pregnancy a Secret

Keep your pregnancy PRIVATE until the right time! I am sharing with you 5 dressing & fashion tips how I tried to cover and hide my early pregnancy at work and other places. In this video you will find tricks how to dress to hide your bigger belly. Not everyone wants to share pregnancy news right away.
We all have our reasons, so don’t question anyone.

Someone asked in comments why would you want to hide pregnancy?  You should tell everyone! Well, for one,  I lost 2 pregnancies. Therefore,  before I shared anything with friends I wanted to make sure pregnancy sticks and is on a right track.
Trust me, the last thing you want to hear everyday is “how is baby doing?”… The baby is no longer there… thanks for reminding me….

Sharing or hiding early pregnancy is a personal choice. I chose to cover mine.

For the record, this video is 3 years old. I’m not pregnant at the moment, and I’m not planning more kids. I will stick around until I will share my fitness knowledge and will be helpful to all of you who need me. Please comment below or send me a message and let me know how you are doing. ❤️ Aga

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Do Slimming Belts Really Work? Should you get one?

There are so many things on the market promising customers weight loss and fat burn. Trimming belt is one of them. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence of any fat loss. In fact, spot reduction is impossible!! Therefore, slimming belts will not make your stubborn belly fat disappear! But still we buy them because we are hopeful and believe in our dream body. And this is a good thing.

Although belts can be helpful, they will not replace exercise and proper nutrition, so start there first. Then you can get a belt to help you remember about easting smaller meals and keep your belly in and tight. Please watch the video for more details. It will answer more of your questions.

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Fat Burning Workout for Beginners & Overweight ★ 25min. Low-Intensity, Low-Impact Workout at Home

Everyone has to start somewhere. One day could make a new beginning to something amazing: first day to your fit, healthier, and happier life. It is in your hands to begin. Stop listening to this negative voice in your head telling you that you are too fat, too tired, today is not a good day to begin, etc. Excuses do not push you forward. Only your positive actions will. Time is running fast and you are not getting any younger, In fact, YOU WILL NEVER BE AS YOUNG AS YOU ARE TODAY! Act quickly. I created this workout for you to get started. I do not expect everyone to do all the exercises or the entire workout. IT’s ok to pause, take a break or skip some sections. With time, however, you should be doing the entire workout. Then you will see your progress, and how much stronger you are. I believe in you, so should you.

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TURKEY WRAPS – Low Carbs & High Protein snack

Super easy, protein packed, low carbs recipe! Whether you want to lose fat, weight or build muscle you must try it! It is amazing. Here we go:

Ingredients: About 3 slices of turkey breast, 1 slice of low-fat cheese (I used low-fat Jarlsberg), mustard, red pepper (1-2 slices), romaine lettuce

Start with putting mustard on a turkey. I like to put a thin layer on every slice. Then, stock them up together on top of on one another. Next, I put a few small-cut pieces of red pepper on one edge of turkey. Make a roll starting on a side with peppers. Once you have a roll, wrap a slice of cheese around it. Then wrap it all with lettuce. You can use 2 to 5 leaves, or more if you like it. Watch this short video

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Pretty, Smart or Fit? Do Pretty Girls have an easier life?

Pretty or Ugly. Who Has Better?

Have you heard this expression: “Pretty girls have it easier in life?”

Pretty girls can get away with a ticket, be noticed by guys, get a drink in a bar, etc. Ugly girls are not privileged for that. Rather, they are targets for bullies, and often are disliked or generally disregarded. In addition, if an ugly girl wears glasses, no make up, or unstylish clothes her position declines even more. Some ugly girls feel intimidated in presence of a pretty girl so they stay quiet, and therefore – unnoticed.

However, there is also expression that pretty girls don’t have brains, right? In this case, pretty girls are viewed as stupid. And if she has blond hair then she must be a brain dead!! At work, pretty girls are frequently under a microscope as if others awaiting them to make a mistake. The smallest flaw is magnified and used as an opportunity to put on a label: stupid and incompetent! Meanwhile, ugly girls at work are often categorized as unattractive, but smarter – the geeks! Here goes another stereotype: if she wears glasses then she looks smart. Have you ever been told that if you have a question then you should ask that girl with glasses? She must have the right answers.

Yet, if you want a date then ask that pretty girl. In this scenario, going out with a pretty girl scores big. Also, Instagram favors pretty girls over intellects. Girls in bikini tend to have way more followers than accomplished female scientists.

Therefore, which girl has more opportunities? Who has better chance to meet Mr. Right? Who has it easier?

As I see it, average person has the sweet spot. Girl must not be too pretty or not too ugly because very pretty intimidates while too ugly repels. If you fall on either side of these extremes, you are likely – screwed!

Similarly, who has better in school settings: genius vs. bad student? Exceptionally smart kids and kids who struggle don’t blend in with others, and both are ideal objects for bullies because they are either too smart or not smart enough to fit in. Indeed, no matter where you are, how you look, what industry or environment you find yourself…. average person will fit in best because she does not stick out. If you are better than others in any category, you are likely discriminated against because of your exceptional abilities. This hatred is motivated by jealousy and fear. If you, however, fall behind others then you are considered inept, unsuitable, and incompatible.

To thrive in today’s society, one cannot stand out in any category. If one falls on either side of the spectrum, whatever it is (smart or not, rich or poor, talented or not, hardworking or lazy, etc.) then he or she will face injustice.

Finally, would you rather be fit or fat? Who has it easier in life. Boy, I can tell you that I have seen it all… As a fitness advocate, I should encourage people to get fit. Stay on a fitter side but without falling into extreme end of fitness, and here is why. The fitter I get the less people talk to me in a gym. Fitter = less approachable, I guess 🙂 It sure can be difficult to make friends in a gym. Talking may be mistakenly perceived as “hitting” on others. It is a fine line to walk on, especially for single individuals who in fact want to meet someone. On the other hand, less acquaintances in a gym means less socializing, and therefore, less distraction and more time to work out. However, f you chose to be super-fit then surround yourself with people who support you.

So who do you think has it easier in life? Pretty or ugly, or fit or fat?

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How to Fall in Love with Running?

How do I love running? I never liked running. I have always hated it. A single thought of running made me go ugh… When I started training karate years ago, my trainer encouraged running to improve conditioning. So I forced myself a few times and ran (1 mile in 12 minutes) hating every second of that activity! It was a torture! Rather, I preferred other sports (like kicking bag). Anything but running!

Then Covid-19 happened and everything shot down. Remember those days? In summer of 2020 I found myself over 30 pounds above my normal weight and no reasonable way to get fitter. I was done with law school, took the bar, and I needed to exercise to get back into shape. Unfortunately, all fitness facilities were closed. The only thing left for me was running on the streets. So I did it. I still hated it. I purchased a fitness watch to monitor my progress and I invested in headphones for motivation. It compelled me to run outside twice a week. On other days I worked out with weights in my bedroom.

About a year later gyms reopened and my running stopped. Overjoyed, I went back to my old routines in a gym – mostly weight training and climbing stairs. However, about 2 months later I missed the intensity I was getting from running. I stepped on a treadmill and, again, I forced about 2 miles. Weird, I disliked the activity but I liked the after-effect. I loved how my body felt after running. Nothing made me sweat as much as running. I missed it. I started running more often and longer distances. Needless to say, I got leaner and my waistline narrowed.

Instinctively, my attitude towards running changed. I challenged myself. I created workouts involving running. I ran faster. I played with intervals, intensity, speed, and incline. Nothing burned more calories than running. I met other runners in a gym, and sometimes we ran together. Running partners are savers on “bad” days when I feel unmotivated and I don’t want to do anything– yes, I still have those days.

Now, in addition to my weight training, running is a part of my workout routines. On good days, I can run 1 mile under 7 minutes. Generally, I keep my workouts between 20- 40 min. about twice a week. Thanks to running, diet and weights, I am back to my comfortable 120 pounds.

Takeaway: Even if you absolutely hate running, you will love the results. It may seem challenging at first but it will take time to improve. At first try walk-run-walk intervals. Be patient and consistent. You will welcome amazing results! And who knows, you may just fall in love with running!

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Best Butters, Oils & Lotions for STRETCH MARKS★ How to Prevent and Smooth Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Many people, not only pregnant women, struggle with stretchmarks. Pregnancy, however, makes our skin more vulnerable.  Although, no single product guarantees stretchmarks prevention, it may be worth helping your skin to get more “elastic.” In addition, exercise at least 3-4 times a week, and drink lots, and LOTS of water! You have to stay healthy and well hydrated so your skin will benefit from it. Watch both videos, where I talk about products that I have used during all of my 3 pregnancies. You can find the links to creams and lotions in the description under the videos. I hope this will help.

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Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles ★ Workout for Women – How to do Kegel Exercises.

Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs in women are bladder, bowel and uterus. Pelvic floor muscle training exercises can help strengthen the muscles under those organs. Body Ball pic WEB (small)Also, they play an important role in sexual function. Strengthening these muscles can reduce pelvic pain during sex and increase the ability of achieving pleasurable sensations. In addition, during pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles support the baby and assist in the birthing process. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. When those muscles are weak, women cannot fully control the bladder, and that results in “wet” accidents, especially when we cough, sneeze or have a full bladder. Therefore, it is important to exercises pelvic floor before getting pregnant, or early in the pregnancy. Do this workout at least once a day! It’s only 5 min. Anyone can find 5 min, right? 😘

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Happy Baby Workout – Exercises for Pregnant Women and Beginners

Another of my workouts dedicated for pregnant women in all three trimesters. However, you do not have to be pregnant to do it. Anyone can exercise! Exercises are relatively easy and less intensive. If you are looking for exercises for beginners this is perfect.

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