Take a First Step to change your life!

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or tone up your body, you have to start somewhere, right? You must make a first step towards your goal, and many people do not know where to start and what to do. Here is my tip.

Start with an easy set of exercises. Select a workout that you can actually do, and you will enjoy doing. However, do not get comfortable with this for too long. After a week or two, chose a workout that is more difficult. Find something that will be challenging for you, meaning that the exercises should be hard for you to do, or the workout will be long enough to exhaust you. Also, using weights adds the level of difficulty. Once you challenge yourself, and your body faces those challenges, your body will begin to change. You will notice visible changes, your body will start getting firmer, your clothes will fit better, and you will feel happier! Overall, you will have more energy to do other things with enthusiasm. When this happens, the motivation for future workouts will burst from you, and exercising will become part of your daily routines like brushing your teeth, showering, or doing makeup.  But do not select too advanced workouts or exercises that you will hate doing. It will discourage you. Moreover, find an instructor who motivates and supports you. easter photo fitappy

Exercises alone will not do magic. You must eat right and healthy. Healthy diet is an excessive topic. You can find a lot of information here on my blog. Bottom line, you should educate your self about fats, carbs and protein, and implement your knowledge into your daily meals . Remember, no matter how hard you exercises, you will not see results of your sweat if you do not eat right!!! I think eating is the hardest part because people cannot break bad habits of eating junk, overeating or drinking sugary beverages!

Good news: there is still enough time to lose weight and jump into your bikini with confidence before summer arrives!

Happy Easter!

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8 min. Beach workout

Hi! I Went to the beach the other day to shoot a workout video, but it turned out to be a very windy day. I debated whether I should film anything because of the wind and the sound interference. Finally, I decided to film a workout without narration, and this video is the product of my decision. If you follow my blog and YouTube channel, then you know that I usually talk a lot. Therefore, workout video without any words just feels odd. Nevertheless, let me know what you think of it, and how do you like workout videos without comments.


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Is your body ready for summer?

Is your body ready for summer? Mine sure is not.
I had a really hard time this past 4 years. Finishing law school and raising kids at the same time did not leave much room for taking care of myself. Even writing this blog had  to stop temporarily. beach WP1
But everything is about to change now. I will try to continue writing – hopefully more frequently. However, I’m older, more open minded, and thus, I have a different approach to fitness, life and happiness.
I know that summer is approaching quickly and there is work that needs to be done.  I know exactly what I need to do.
Please visit this blog in a few days, and you will share with you my workouts!
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Full Body Workout with Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are AMAZING! You can put them in your purse and carry them with you because they are small and light. I love to use them on the playground. Even a few minutes a day will make a difference; you will feel and look better.  There are 2 tricks: (1) select thickness appropriate for your strength, and (2) slow down your moves. It is important to focus on pulling and releasing equally. That will fire up your muscle!

Try this quick and easy workout. If some moves are difficult for you – just modify them and do as much as you can, and however you can. Be consistant and systamatic! Never give up!

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Kick Up Cardio ★ Blast calories, Burn Fat, & Work Your Entire body!

Be stronger than your excused! Kick Up Your Fat and burn it with the amazing cardio workout. Blast calories and work your entire body with high-energy kicking and boxing exercises!! Use some weights for better results and sculp the body you always dreamed about it. You are closer than you think, so why not begin today?!

Initially, this workout may seem hard, partly, because it is almost 20 min. long. Don’t give up! Try as hard as you can, take breaks, and modify exercises. After a couple of weeks you will do much better – you will surprise yourself! For now, the goal is just to keep moving and trying your best. I will be with you to motivate and support you for the entire 19 min. Go for it!!

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Get Fit in 10 min ★ Get in shape with this fun & quick workout!

If you are super busy and do not have time to exercise, then this short workout is JUST FOR YOU! Believe me, all you need is 10-15 minutes a day to look and feel better. However, you must take care of your eating habits first. I am on the run and constantly trying to juggle work, school, kids. Often when I put my kids to sleep late at night, I am too exhausted to stand up- not to mention exercising. I decided to workout just a few minutes everyday. Funny, but sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom to workout without interruptions.

Try this workout with some light weights (no more than 2 kg or 4 pounds).  Once you get stronger and confident, then you can grab heavier sets. The most important thing here is to have FUN. Believe you can get be fit, and you will!

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All WOMEN should have this exercise equipment!

What is the best exercise equipment for women? In short: resistance bands. They can easily replace many exercise machines at the gym. If you play around and get creative for 15-20 min a day will do magic to your body!

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My body after 2 pregnancies!

You can have an amazing body if you really want it, and it you are willing to work for it!! Really. If you can imagine your ideal look, then you can have it!

I have 2 kids and I am very happy with my body. But it did not come easy.  After I had my first child, almost immediately I had my pre-baby body. However after the second pregnancy the situation was totally different. I lost weight relatively quickly, but my body did not look good. I had no muscles, and my hips seemed to get wider. I have no family or nobody to help us out – it was just me and my husband. Also, I went back to school, so naturally I did not have time to exercise as much as I wanted to.

A few months ago, I developed a new plan for myself, and I forced myself to STICK to it. I kinda did. So this is the result. I’m finally happy with myself. If I could do it, so can YOU!!! Even if your body changed, you skin stretched, or you got stretch marks, who cares!!

body after pregnancy

You can have an amazing body if you want !! – Fitappy after pregnancy

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Abs, abs, and ABS!

Abs are made in the kitchen! Exercises alone will not do the trick. You must also eat clean. Do 10-20 reps of each exercise. Repeat 3-4 times.

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Gym or Home? Where to exercise for better results ★

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