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How to Fall in Love with Running?

How do I love running? I never liked running. I have always hated it. A single thought of running made me go ugh… When I started training karate years ago, my trainer encouraged running to improve conditioning. So I forced … Continue reading

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Best 20 min Workout at Home – Stay away from Gyms, Covid-19 & Coronavirus

This is by far one of the best workouts you will ever find! And it’s free! It’s 20 minutes long but it can get intense.  Now,  with a coronavirus and Covid-19 scares, gyms are getting closed and workouts at home … Continue reading

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30 Days Challenge for nice legs, thighs, and butt. Squat Challenge!

Are you ready to challenge yourself? This program includes variety of squats to keep it interesting. Exercises are known and if you maintain proper technique your lower body should see results in about a month. I recommend doing 2-4 sets … Continue reading

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Booty Blaster Workout ★ Plyometrics & Weights Exercises for Sexy Legs, glutes & Thighs

Here is my newest video. After I had my baby girl I had to work very hard on getting back in shape – I still work on it 🙂 I have a new approach towards fitness, rebuilding my body and … Continue reading

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How to Control Food Cravings ★ STOP Overeating and Lose Weight

I apologize for the quality of this video. I am working on organizing a new space or a better light…  Anyway, here is a video about controlling cravings! If you are one of those people who can not resist cravings … Continue reading

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HIIT Circuit – Happy Monday Workout!

Here is my Monday challenge: Set a clock for 30 minutes and preform this circuit. Rest for 30-60 seconds and do it again. Do as many rounds as possible within 30 minutes. If you complete total of 8 sets before … Continue reading

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Learn How to do the Splits ★ Tutorial how to Stretch and which exercises are best – flexibility

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Cardio or Strength: Which exercise do you do First ★ How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training?

How should we exercise? Should we do cardio exercises first or strength training first? Can we combine them? In this video I tried to answer the best I could. I based my opinion on years of training. In short, everything … Continue reading

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Kill Cravings and Smell yourself lighter!

Apparently your sense of smell can help you drop extra pounds. Some researches think that certain scents can curb you cravings. Based on conducted experiments, people who smelled banana, peppermint or green apple several times a day, lost more weight … Continue reading

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July Workout Challenge ♦ Beat Your Personal Best each time!

Try it! Do it anyway you feel comfortable, don’t force anything – do it carefully. Complete as much as you can. Time yourself to see your own progress 😉  1 round includes all 5 exercises ( 10 reps each exercise) Begin with … Continue reading

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