How to Fall in Love with Running?

How do I love running? I never liked running. I have always hated it. A single thought of running made me go ugh… When I started training karate years ago, my trainer encouraged running to improve conditioning. So I forced myself a few times and ran (1 mile in 12 minutes) hating every second of that activity! It was a torture! Rather, I preferred other sports (like kicking bag). Anything but running!

Then Covid-19 happened and everything shot down. Remember those days? In summer of 2020 I found myself over 30 pounds above my normal weight and no reasonable way to get fitter. I was done with law school, took the bar, and I needed to exercise to get back into shape. Unfortunately, all fitness facilities were closed. The only thing left for me was running on the streets. So I did it. I still hated it. I purchased a fitness watch to monitor my progress and I invested in headphones for motivation. It compelled me to run outside twice a week. On other days I worked out with weights in my bedroom.

About a year later gyms reopened and my running stopped. Overjoyed, I went back to my old routines in a gym – mostly weight training and climbing stairs. However, about 2 months later I missed the intensity I was getting from running. I stepped on a treadmill and, again, I forced about 2 miles. Weird, I disliked the activity but I liked the after-effect. I loved how my body felt after running. Nothing made me sweat as much as running. I missed it. I started running more often and longer distances. Needless to say, I got leaner and my waistline narrowed.

Instinctively, my attitude towards running changed. I challenged myself. I created workouts involving running. I ran faster. I played with intervals, intensity, speed, and incline. Nothing burned more calories than running. I met other runners in a gym, and sometimes we ran together. Running partners are savers on “bad” days when I feel unmotivated and I don’t want to do anything– yes, I still have those days.

Now, in addition to my weight training, running is a part of my workout routines. On good days, I can run 1 mile under 7 minutes. Generally, I keep my workouts between 20- 40 min. about twice a week. Thanks to running, diet and weights, I am back to my comfortable 120 pounds.

Takeaway: Even if you absolutely hate running, you will love the results. It may seem challenging at first but it will take time to improve. At first try walk-run-walk intervals. Be patient and consistent. You will welcome amazing results! And who knows, you may just fall in love with running!


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