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How to Control Food Cravings ★ STOP Overeating and Lose Weight

I apologize for the quality of this video. I am working on organizing a new space or a better light…  Anyway, here is a video about controlling cravings! If you are one of those people who can not resist cravings … Continue reading

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Make this Tasty & Inspiring Spring Salad!

When you shop this season, make sure there are plenty of greens and veggies in your groceries cart. Here is an idea for a tasty spring salad. I did not add any meat today because I made my own protein … Continue reading

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Restaurant Foods & Healthy choices

Often I go out with friends and see how they order burgers, pizzas, fried foods or other not so healthy choices. Although it can be tempting sometimes, I usually try to stick to chicken sandwiches or traditional salads. Yesterday was … Continue reading

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The Perfect Strawberry Diet Snack ★ Healthy, Fulfilling, Yummy, Low fat, High Protein & Fresh Fruits

This is a quick and easy refreshing strawberries snack. You can have it between your meals,  when you feel hungry or crave for something sweet and sugary. Also, because of  the protein rich cottage cheese, it makes a great fulfilling … Continue reading

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How to Lose Holiday Weight Gain ★Post-Holiday Diet Plan &Tips to Get Back on Track

Did you overindulgence yourself with traditional foods, delicious cakes and your favorite cocktails? I certainly did.  What a heck, that’s what’s holiday for, right?! How many of you feel bigger and heavier after holidays? I bet some of you are … Continue reading

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Kill Cravings and Smell yourself lighter!

Apparently your sense of smell can help you drop extra pounds. Some researches think that certain scents can curb you cravings. Based on conducted experiments, people who smelled banana, peppermint or green apple several times a day, lost more weight … Continue reading

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Electrolyte Drinks ★ What are Sports Drinks & Who needs them?

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Cheesecake ★ Healthy, Simple & Delicious★ Low-Fat & Easy to prepare

Here is my ‘secret’ recipe for a Guilt-Free cheesecake.  Who said diet food is awful?! This one actually tastes pretty good 🙂 Every now and then I treat myself with something like that. This recipe is very easy and takes … Continue reading

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Iced ‘Power’ Mocha ♦ Frappuccino Banana-Chocolate ★ Coffee Drink

Here is my fav recipe for a summer iced coffee or preworkout shake. Try it. It’s Awesome! 

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Healthy & Easy Leftover Lunch

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