How to Lose Holiday Weight Gain ★Post-Holiday Diet Plan &Tips to Get Back on Track

StrawberriesDid you overindulgence yourself with traditional foods, delicious cakes and your favorite cocktails? I certainly did.  What a heck, that’s what’s holiday for, right?! How many of you feel bigger and heavier after holidays? I bet some of you are afraid to step on a scale! 🙂 That’s okay. If you eat clean & healthy everyday and allowed yourself to have a bigger plate for a few days or an extra desert at the family dinner table – don’t panic. You should get back on track in a few days. However, if you started “celebrating” several weeks before the holidays, then you have more work to do. Create a workout plan for this week or maybe for the next month. Exercise 3 to 6 days a week for at least 30 min. a day. Don’t forget to include cardio exercises. Feel free to use my workout videos – there are plenty of choices to help you. VeggieSandwich1The sooner you start exercising the better your body will look by the Memorial Day.  Normally, I don’t  follow any diets. I try to eat everything healthy, prepare it myself and control how much I put on a plate. That’s it. It works for me. It is the best and easiest diet I know. Aim to eat protein in every meal, chose healthy fats and slow digesting carbs. Also, drink a lot of water. Today I was really happy because I went shopping and it looks like the season for fruits and vegetable just started. This will definitely help me get in shape faster. I got super yummy strawberries and lots of fresh veggies. I couldn’t resist to make a veggie sandwich. I suggest next time you shop pack a lot of greens in your cart.

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