Cell Phones and Microwave Oven Radiation ★ EMF Meter Experiment

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2 Responses to Cell Phones and Microwave Oven Radiation ★ EMF Meter Experiment

  1. Wes Hawl says:

    So do you consider these levels to be high, or are they within an acceptable range?
    you never stated your opinion on these levels.
    Thanks for the information

  2. sania says:

    Hi…..I really like your skipping mixed with other exercises…..
    I am 28 years old
    My height is 5 “5”
    And my weight is 78 kgs
    My ideal weights needs to 55 to 60
    So I my longer goal is to eventually loose 20 kgs….but i am.looking at loosing few kgs every month with excercise and eating right….
    I find gyms wry suffocating. ..
    Or closed rooms…
    But i like walks and I want to start skipping
    In search for how to skip effectively and loose weight….I got to know.about your website. …I really like you and the exercises you teach in your videos….I have see many websites….but i find yours very easy and very simple excercise. ..
    Of you can reply to me…I just want to knoe can skipping for an hour mixed with those other exercises you showed in your videos. .
    1: is that good enough for me too.loose.weight…bec i am.top heavy…I have weight around shoulders…chest and stumuch…upper and lower. ..
    2: is skipping just good enough or should I adapt to other exercises as.well..
    3: I like walking as well…and I can walk upto 10 kms …quiet brisk….
    I really need your help and your suggestions. ..bec i really found your videos really helpful

    Best regards.

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