Trampoline ★ workout and exercises

Apparently, some sources say, you can burn as much as 160 calories in half hour in jumping on a trampoline! I believe it. After I had my own first session of training I can honestly say you can get a decent workout. For those who get bored fast, I suggest switching things up. As I mentioned in the video, instead of just jumping in the same manner, change your rhythm, incorporate some exercises like high jumps and squats to add intensity. After your legs and your body get stronger you will be able to jump for a little longer. Then you can challenge yourself with more difficult workout, like tabata style, where you  jump for 20 seconds with a high intensity and bounce for 10 sec. 8 times. Anyway, no matter what you choose your workout will be – Have fun!  Trampolines were designed for you to have a great time and stay active at the same time! 

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