Thigh Gap ★ How to get it! or ignore it!

I was very, very reluctant to film this video. I received a message some time ago asking “how to get a thigh gap” I had no idea what it meant until several other people inquired about that matter. Thigh gap is a space/opening between thighs. You will get it if your thighs will get very thin. I don’t understand why it matters so much to some girls?! First of all,  very skinny people, like models, have it. I have been paying a lot of attention to fitness competitors lately, and guess what? NONE of them have a stupid thigh gap? Why? Because they are health women  having muscles on their legs closing that gap between their thighs! Models are very skinny. They don’t have much fat, but unfortunately, they don’t have much muscle either. Many models lose their jobs if they put on muscles so they just have to be skinny for the industry. Period. To get a thigh gap you will have to lose so much weight that will create that very opening between your thighs, and I don’t think it’s healthy to go through the process only to have that particular feature. Gap does not mean anything. Nevertheless, I created this video to answer some questions. But again, remember thigh gaps should not govern your overall appearance, and most importantly, who you are!! I personally discourage you from following the crowds of thigh gaps fanatics! 

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