700 Calories in 30 minutes!

Is it possible to burn 700 calories in just a half hour? Sure it is!!

Unfortunately, however, I do not believe this machine was telling the truth. According to the stair master’s display, I have burned over 700 calories. Although I did some serious sweating, and I felt like I did the maximum physical output in those 30 minutes, I do not believe I have burned that much. I have done cardio on  the stairs before many, many times, and I have burned over 700 calories, however it has never happened with in 30 min. time frame. So, either I have really pushed myself beyond my know “capacity” or the machine did wrong calculations.

Bottom line: I personally do not rely on any fitness machines. I do my best  when I workout and I trust that it was a great workout. Instead of counting calories, I monitor my own progress and see how I feel, how much I sweat, and how my body handles the challenge on this particular day! That is my best and most reliable indicator!0707161106b

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