How to do Regular, Plié & Sumo Squats and DeadLifts ♦ Tutorial

Here is my latest tutorial video, in which you’ll find information about Regular,  Sumo and Plie Squats. The video  explains how to do them properly, how to avoid common mistakes  and describes  differences between those squats. Major muscles involved in squats are: gluteus maximus and quadriceps. Sumo/Plie squats target also leg adductors. I hope I covered everything this time 😉 Always warm up and stretch before and after workout. 

And this one is about Deadlifts. Target muscles: glutes, hamstrings and erector spinae. The second half of this tutorial includes one leg deadlifts instructions. When you improve your balance enough to try one leg deadlift, work both legs equally.  Have fun with it!  

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