Fitness for Women & Men ★ Torch more calories by playing “around”

Many people ask me if certain workouts are as effective for men as they are for women. The best way to find out is to try it out 🙂 Not all bodies respond the same way. Some will need a few weeks to see improvement and others will need a few months regardless of your sex. Here is a simple example of physical activities for both men and women, which burn fat and lose inches by playing sports or doing other activities! Below you’ll find a number of calories burned per 1 min on a 135-pound person. How much you’ll burn depends on your body weight and intensity of your workout/activity. Still, think of it as fitness for women and men 😉

Aerobics, high impact  7.5
Aerobics, low impact  5.3
Biking, racing  17.1
Biking, leisure  6.5
Boxing  9.6
Jumping rope  12.8
Pilates  3.2
Running (5mph)  8.5
Running (7mph)  12.3
Running, stairs  16
Tennis  7.5
Walking, 3mph  3.5
Walking, 5mph  8.5
Volleyball, beach 8.6
Zumba  6.9
Yoga  7.1

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  1. Nicole Lee says:


    Just wanna let you know that your videos are really inspiring, I have just started out to do some exercise to lose weight. Hope to see more of your inspiring and engaging videos workouts!

    Nicole from Singapore

  2. Mm says:

    where are you? We´re missing you
    Maria, from Portugal

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