Exercises for a Flat Stomach & Tight Waistline

For a  tight waistline, toned abs or a  flat stomach this short video will help you select workouts and choose exercises right for you. Don’t forget about your diet! It’s hard to see fitness results if you don’t eat right. Side planks are also planks so don’t ignore them 😉

About FITAPPY Fitness

Welcome! FITAPPY is a destination offering many customized exercises, diet and nutrition tips. My blog and workout videos are designed to inspire and motivate people to get fit & change their lives and be happy :)
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1 Response to Exercises for a Flat Stomach & Tight Waistline

  1. talla mukattash says:

    Heyy:) First of all I Want to say thank you for these videos! they are really very useful. I want to ask something I’m very tall “175cms” and my weight is “65kg” what do you think is it good? or I should lose some of my weight?

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