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Full Body Workout with Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are AMAZING! You can put them in your purse and carry them with you because they are small and light. I love to use them on the playground. Even a few minutes a day will make a difference; … Continue reading

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Kick Up Cardio ★ Blast calories, Burn Fat, & Work Your Entire body!

Be stronger than your excused! Kick Up Your Fat and burn it with the amazing cardio workout. Blast calories and work your entire body with high-energy kicking and boxing exercises!! Use some weights for better results and sculp the body … Continue reading

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Get Fit in 10 min ★ Get in shape with this fun & quick workout!

If you are super busy and do not have time to exercise, then this short workout is JUST FOR YOU! Believe me, all you need is 10-15 minutes a day to look and feel better. However, you must take care … Continue reading

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All WOMEN should have this exercise equipment!

What is the best exercise equipment for women? In short: resistance bands. They can easily replace many exercise machines at the gym. If you play around and get creative for 15-20 min a day will do magic to your body!

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My body after 2 pregnancies!

You can have an amazing body if you really want it, and it you are willing to work for it!! Really. If you can imagine your ideal look, then you can have it! I have 2 kids and I am … Continue reading

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Abs, abs, and ABS!

Abs are made in the kitchen! Exercises alone will not do the trick. You must also eat clean. Do 10-20 reps of each exercise. Repeat 3-4 times.

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Gym or Home? Where to exercise for better results ★

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Law School makes you fat!

Law school makes you fat! Period. Or any graduate school that requires a lot of sitting, reading, writing, and studying in general. I cannot speak for other schools, however, so I can pass on a mild warning that studying law … Continue reading

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700 Calories in 30 minutes!

Is it possible to burn 700 calories in just a half hour? Sure it is!! Unfortunately, however, I do not believe this machine was telling the truth. According to the stair master’s display, I have burned over 700 calories. Although … Continue reading

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Heavy Rope Workout Routine

Amazing Heavy Rope Workout HIIT! I have seen it in magazines, gym, and I have heard about it. Personally, however, I never tried it until I was strongly determined to lose weight after my second pregnancy.  Usually I prepare my … Continue reading

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