100 Crunches “To Go”! – Amazing flat abs workout

 It’s been a very loooong and stressful day….I have many things going on in my life and barely any time to exercise but I know I have to “energize” my abs today. I’ve always  wanted to develop a short abs circuit that would cover all ab muscles, and I could exercise everywhere . Once I finish and will be satisfied with the routine I will make a video workout to share with everyone. Anyhow, I still work on it but here is my most recent version.

1. Basic crunch   (put your hands behind your head and bend your knees)
2. Basic crunch to the left (drop your knees to your right side and crunch)
3. Basic crunch to the right (drop your knees to your left and crunch)
4. Reach your Feet ( extend your feet straight up and try touching your toes with both of your hands)
5. Reach your Feet  – Crosses ( Fleet straight up to the ceiling and right hand touches your left toes; then left hand touches right toes) – that’s one count
6. Curl crunches (drop your feet lower but keep your knees on 90 deg. angle, put your hands over your head and try reaching with your elbows to your knees)
7. Vertical scissors
8. Leg lifts
10. Bicycles
P.S. I have been working on another video and will have it available to view tomorrow 🙂

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