Booty Blaster Workout ★ Plyometrics & Weights Exercises for Sexy Legs, glutes & Thighs

Here is my newest video. After I had my baby girl I had to work very hard on getting back in shape – I still work on it 🙂 I have a new approach towards fitness, rebuilding my body and regaining strength.  The most challenging thing is finding time! Really. I can not afford one hour a day to exercise. Some day I will shoot a video and brag about this issue. Now, about this workout. It is not easy. However, it will deliver results if you work hard, challenge yourself and of course eat clean. Every time you perform this workout, it should be very challenging and the only way to accomplish that is by adjusting your weights by selecting heavy weights. Moreover, do not cheat yourself on plyometrics 🙂 If you never worked with weights, start slow and build your way up. If you want great results, expect to  a sweat a lot!  

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Welcome! FITAPPY is a destination offering many customized exercises, diet and nutrition tips. My blog and workout videos are designed to inspire and motivate people to get fit & change their lives and be happy :)
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5 Responses to Booty Blaster Workout ★ Plyometrics & Weights Exercises for Sexy Legs, glutes & Thighs

  1. you are excellent beautiful and i love you…….

  2. Kel says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you are such a great inspiration! Your workouts rock and your body shape is pretty amazing.I love it how you talk to us during workouts and you are a real workout buddy! Please,don’t stop filming and good luch,I wish all the best to you in motherhood and life 🙂

  3. edytka21 says:

    Oh you can do it with one kid, I have 3 boys, I eat clean, very clean, cooking all my meals and 2hrs daily I spend doing my workouts ( including warm ups, cool downs, stretching )

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