Power Walking with weights in Griffith Park, CA – hiking

I’ve been blessed to live in Los Angeles! Some of my friends and family in Chicago called me today and asked me about the weather! Clearly, they didn’t like the blizzard last night because they are stock at home!   Having that in mind, I decided to take my workout outside and enjoy another beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Exercise for today: POWER WALKING!!! with weights.  I used small weights (2 pounds) and went to a nearby park. First 2 minutes I walked at moderate speed. Later I picked up the pace and made my steps longer. For about 15-20 minutes I walked really  fast, and then I slowed down for 5 min. Surprisingly, it was a very fine workout; I felt great afterward! The weights made a big difference. Try it!!  ! And if you live somewhere in Midwest, get outside and try walking in a snow; no weights for you! Big steps in a heavy snow will do the trick (probably better than my small weights) and you’ll be sweating in no time 🙂

In addition, I have been preparing a new workout video for you;  so step by to check it out tomorrow 🙂

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