Get Off The Couch! ♦ Great Cardio & Sculpting Workout

Short but you will feel it 😉  If you don’t have a jump rope just pretend you have one. Weights can be replaced with water bottles. Have fun 😉 

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5 Responses to Get Off The Couch! ♦ Great Cardio & Sculpting Workout

  1. Mattia says:

    I use to do this cardio fitness training for martial arts… You are very good and this work out is very effective

  2. Mattia says:

    It works very well for sculpting one’s muscles. That’s the kind of work out even Bruce Lee’s used to do in order to improve power and definition by building stamina at the same time. Have you ever read “The art of expressing the human body”? That’s such an inspirational reading.. 😉

  3. Iris says:


    How often should I do this ?

  4. Hi madam can I keep my finger inside your belly button???

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