Weider 6-pack ABS training

Have you heard of  Weider 6-pack ABS training? People in Europe are crazy about it!! They’ve  been asking me about it because it’s the HOTEST thing there! Frankly, I never heard about it until a few weeks ago. I decided to do some research and, I have to admit, it’s a very interesting program. To make a long story short: you perform only 6 exercises everyday for 6 weeks (42 days).  I started already exercising and filming it for non-English speaking people but I think it would be fun to introduce it here in the US as well. What do you think? Exercises are not too difficult but every 3 days you increase the number of reps – and that makes it challenging for your muscles 🙂  Are you ready for a 6 weeks commitment to get your abs in shape??

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