BURNING FAT: Cardio vs. Weights

Which exercises are better: Cardio or lifting weights???
While Cardio burns slightly more calories, lifting weights blast more fat overall! Pumping iron gives you a metabolic spike for an hour AFTER a workout because your muscles expand more energy as they try to recover. Research shows that people who strength train burn more fat postworkout than those who do just cardio.

Cardio workout, however, has other benefits. In addition to burning more calories it boosts the metabolism, increases energy, strengthens the heart, strengthens the lungs and increases lung capacity, helps reduce stress and anxiety, and it promotes restful sleep. You should sustain your cardio workout for 20  minutes or more (30 min. should be enough) on a schedule of about three to four times per week.


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One Response to BURNING FAT: Cardio vs. Weights

  1. That’s really handy to know. I knew weight training helped to build up muscle but I had no idea it helped burned so much fat. I definitely won’t be skipping the wieght machines next time I hit the gym!

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