Lower Body + Cardio workout

Here is my latest workout video. It’s fairly easy if you take all 3 rest periods. However, if you can, try to keep those rests below 20-30 sec. – to intensify your workout.  If it’s too easy for some of you, simply pick up heavier weights and do  the set again. If it’s still too easy, do all the squats, lunges and jumps (including sumo and skaters) with weights. I hope you’ll sweat enough and feel the workout in your butt and legs the next day 🙂

About FITAPPY Fitness

Welcome! FITAPPY is a destination offering many customized exercises, diet and nutrition tips. My blog and workout videos are designed to inspire and motivate people to get fit & change their lives and be happy :)
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2 Responses to Lower Body + Cardio workout

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  2. Kristie says:

    Great video! I am always looking for new workouts to break up the monotony, thanks. -Kristie

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