Intense outlook for this weekend & Challenge #3

I announced yesterday that the next 3 weeks will be crazy!  So it started today:
I went to a kickboxing class this morning – that’s about 45 min.
Later I did some conditioning exercises, which included
* 100 sit ups (2 sets of 50) with boxing gloves; throw 2 punches on each sit up- fast
* 120 kicks – left leg; 3 sets of each: (20 front + 20 roundhouse + 20 side + 20 back); first set slower/half speed, other sets fast. No breaks in a set.
* 120 kicks – right leg (same thing)
*10 min shadow boxing with 2 pound dumbbells
* 2 miles on a treadmill (21.32 min; including warm up walk and a short water break); this definitively needs improvement
And of course I concluded my day with my high knees challenge: today I did 299 (that is 3 rounds:106, 98, 95 respectively), getting better 🙂

My new cardio challenge

As I mentioned before, it will consist of running outside and/or running on a treadmill ( weather dependent) every other day. There is a hiking trail nearby, which is about 2 miles long one way, mostly uphill and at some point pretty steep. I think it would be enough to conquer 🙂  I will be timing myself how long will it take me to go up and down whether it’s walking, hiking or running, I should do it within a smaller time range every time I go. My goal is to be able to run all the way to the top…..

On rainy days I will simply hit a treadmill and run for 2 miles; also recording my time


I will be recording another video, in which I will demonstrate basic kicking techniques – excellent workout for your LEGS, glutes, core, and the rest of your body. Keep checking 😉


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