6-pack ABS (Tutorial) ♦ Your 6 weeks- 6 pack Abs Challenge (Weider Series)

Hi There, in this video I did a short demonstration how to perform all 6 exercises from Weider’s 6 pack abs training program. This workout is very popular in Europe. As I mentioned in the video, this program has been developed for those, who want to finally  get a 6 pack. I have already started working on it (1 week) on my other (non-English channel) and yesterday I got first responses. There are some people who have been doing it for 4 days and have already noticed results!!! Unbelievable! Of course, everything depends on your weight, age and body type but if you’ll commit – you’ll get results fast! But again, you have to commit and do the program everyday for 6 weeks. Anyway, this is just and intro/tutorial video. Watch it and familiarize yourself with each exercise and get ready. Step by in a few days for a first workout video – I’m working on it 🙂 …  See you later

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