Get ready for skiing!!! *** Not a skier – tone your legs fast!

I’m a huge fan of alpine skiing!  However, this year so far I’ve admired this sport on TV, following closely World Cup Skiing & US Ski Team. Well, I’m going to hit the slopes soon!  Can’t wait!  There is one small problem I always have on a first day of skiing every time I go: I rarely prepare my body for this type of activity and therefore, after a first few hours everything hurts (especially my legs/quadriceps).  This time I decided to train hard :).  I have been looking for exercises to get me ready but there isn’t much (or at least I don’t think that will work), so I developed some of my own. I will let you know how effective these exercises are after my trip. Check out the video. Exercises breakdown is below, so please scroll down for details after you watched it.

Always warm up and stretch before exercising

There are 3 different variations (please watch the video for reference) – 1 minute total (20 seconds each variation)
2. SQUATS (dumbbells recommended )
* Feet are shoulder width (or slightly more) apart; drop your tush down (the lower the better) – 10 counts
* Then stay low in a squat and pulse for 10 counts
3. SIDE-to-SIDE JUMPS – 30 seconds
Jump side to side for 30 sec, and then extend your arms to the side and jump twist for 30 seconds ( please watch the video for reference)
4. POWER JUMPS (dumbbells recommended )
Squat down slow on a count of three, hold for a bit and explode up. Be gentle on you feet. – 10 reps
5. TRAVELING LUNGES (dumbbells recommended )
Step into a lunge and pulse for 3 counts, stand up slowly and hold your balance on one leg, then step forward for another lunge. – 10 reps on each leg
6.  BASIC PLANK –  hold for 10 seconds – 5 reps
7. SIDE PLANK – hold for 10 seconds – 5 reps on each side

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