Workout for a healthier, happier You!

To be healthier and happier, fitness experts have a suggestions: exercise & diet. Yesterday I came across this article about running; It isn’t particularly my favorite exercise but looking at the list of benefits: practically it’s a key to health, happiness….. name it- it’s on the list. Just open any fitness magazine and you’ll find the magic answer to all your problems 🙂    -?-

Didn’t think long before I decided today to step outside and get some fresh air while pumping my heart rate.

Workout for today: I walked for 2 minutes, then I picked up my speed for another 3 minutes (total 5) and started jogging at moderate speed for 10 minutes. Walked another 5 minutes at moderate/fast pace, and then started sprinting for 2 minutes.  Then I walked  & cooled down. Not bad. Try it 🙂

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