Weider’s Abs – uptated Tutorial and a new W6A video

I’ve been doing this program for almost 3 weeks now. I finally noticed a small difference 🙂 The videos are available on W6 Abs page. The number of repetitions increases and it makes a difference for me and for some other people who have been doing it. I couldn’t establish the source of the workout with all detailed description because a lot of people, including myself, have questions. I personally think, that the program isn’t as much about the exercises – it’s about your commitment to do it everyday for 6 weeks! Therefore, if your back hurts or some exercises are too hard for you: take a break or change them a little. Try to stay as close to original exercises as possible but challenge yourself and your body and don’t stick to the easiest way out! Watch my tutorial videos, especially the second tutorial as I altered some of my routines. I will try to make a sheet and a table in English and post it it here soon. Good Luck 😉

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