How to use Hiking Poles &the Benefits of using them

I love hiking! Every time when I feel like I don’t want to work out I go and climb the nearby mountains 🙂 Most of my vacation time I spent in parks where I either hike or go backpacking. I’ve been asked many times about my hiking poles- if they are helpful. Therefore, I created this video to answer some questions and encourage trail lovers to get a pair of trekking poles. I love them!  

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1 Response to How to use Hiking Poles &the Benefits of using them

  1. Very pretty post. Thanks! Bryce Canyon is indeed a gorgeous spot!
    The LEKI poles you show have quiet air shocks. We like the anti-shock feature for just the reason you mention, but you’re right, it’s a personal preference.

    Would you consider recommending this blog? – click on DVD Updates to see why and how to use the strap to avoid hand/wrist/elbow/shoulder strain. As well, you can check for many more tips and info on using poles for hiking as well as for mobility.

    Our training focuses on how to use poles OPTIMALLY so that people can achieve the many benefits you mention. We help people learn how to use poles in a way that builds strength, confidence and improves performance on a variety of terrain. Thanks again!

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