100 Sit-Ups with weights ♦ Abs Exercises

I have to confess: I’m getting sick of Weider’s program. It’s very long, boring and  although, I didn’t have much expectations – I did have some!  Will see…. I still have over 1 week to go, so I’m not giving up. On the contrary, I’m exercising more. Here is another Ab workout 🙂 It shouldn’t be too hard for most of you, however if you are a beginner, start slow and don’t use any weights; if you do 50 sit ups- that’s OK. Advanced people, use some weights (2-4 pounds for women) and see how you’ll do. If it’s too hard you can always drop the weights and continue without them. Take breaks if needed.  The most important part of this workout is to sit all the way up and twist your shoulders engaging your abs – don’t just extend your arms. You’ll feel the difference. Remember, do it slow and dictate your own speed. Enjoy 🙂

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2 Responses to 100 Sit-Ups with weights ♦ Abs Exercises

  1. 100 sit ups would be too intense for me…Currently I can only handle 40-50. But I will try hard to get that number!

  2. fga says:

    Have to agree about the Wieder series – I’ve tried it a few times after discovering your videos on Youtube. While it’ll kill the abs, it does get tedious and more like an unpleasant chore. Plus, I’m a firm believer in variety & muscle confusion. This boxer situp routine is a great one for abs (and shoulders if using heavier weights) and completing 100 is a good goal to work towards for most people.
    p.s. For what it’s worth, not only are you really cute, but you’ve obviously got much more between the ears than the average fitness geek and your vids are first rate. I’m glad to’ve found you & looking forward to more exercising with you.
    p.p.s Your accent is hard to place with certainty. So where were you born and what brought you to the US?

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