Shodow boxing & kicking workout

Today’s workout consisted primarily of karate conditioning. I have to get into fighting shape, and start preparing for 2 min. rounds. Therefore, this afternoon I did just that 🙂  I warmed up with my challenge #2 high knees (results are posted below).

Round 1: 40 kicks (10 front snap + 10 round + 10 side + 10 back) on each leg.
I did stationary kicking to warm up my legs and joints. First 5 kicks were super slow, another 5 half speed. Then I changed legs and did the same thing on the other side
Round 2: I did all 40 kicks all together/ non-stop & 80% of speed on both sides.
~~~  short water break ~~~
Round 3: All 40 kicks on both sides full speed.
Round 4:  I did three – 2 minutes rounds of shadow boxing. For this part I used 2 pounds dumbbells. First round I just did hand techniques, however the second round I started to incorporate some kicking.

Challenge #2 – High knees; today’s results (another set; remember, I will be doing it twice a week)
1) 98; 2) 90; 3) 89 TOTAL=277 improvement already!  However, I have to point out that my results will be influenced by: different shoes (the lighter the shoes the easier it will be) and the ground/flooring I perform the exercise on. My first set, the one from last week, was done on  a gravel; today I did in on a concrete floor. Concrete seemed easier… Therefore, in order to get consistent results, I have to watch out for a little details like that.

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