Workout in a sitting position – Exercise in your chair (video)

This exercise was inspired by my work in front of a computer. Often, I spent hours sitting in a chair and I know how draining that can be… When I finally finish, I have no energy left and last thing I want to think of is exercising. I always hear people saying they work too much and don’t have time to exercise. That’s plausible but probably most of them use their work as an excuse. Yes, I know because I used to be one of those people. I believe that if you really want to workout,  you’ll find a few minutes for yourself – even in front of a computer.  You can even get beautifully shaped abs! Here is an example:  Also, when you have to go to the bathroom, go and do a round of high knees – just another idea to get fit &energized 😉

Chair exercises BREAKDOWN:

1. Crunches – 10 reps
Hold the seat of your chair and lean back for support.  Bend  your knees and try to bring them up to your chest (or as high as you can) and without touching the ground extend your legs down. Try keeping them as straight as possible.
2. Side crunches – 10 reps on each side
Do the same thing, however this time bring your feet down on your right/left side.
3. Ab twists – 30 sec.
Grab something that weights at least a few pounds (10-15 pounds would be great) but if you don’t have anything handy just clasp your hands together and hold them in front of you. Keeping your back straight twist your upper body right and left slowly.
4. Side bends – 10 reps on each side
Sit straight up in your chair and plant your feet on the ground for support. Using the same weight put it in your right hand and bend straight down on your right; imagine that you are trying to touch the floor. You can put the opposite hand behind your head for balance and direction.  Keep you shoulders aligned and don’t tilt forward.
5. Leg lifts – 10 reps
Grab the seat of your chair and lean back. Extend your legs in front of you and holding them together lift them both up as high as you can and hold for a bit . Try to keep your legs straight. Point your toes if you really want to challenge yourself
6. Dips – 10 reps
Grab the edge of your chair and put your butt on the same edge. Extend your legs straight in front of you; feet together. Bend your elbows and lower yourself straight to the floor but don’t touch it. Bring yourself up to the starting position. that’s 1 rep.  If this is too hard, just bring your feet closer to your chair and bend your knees.

***  Have FUN!!!! ***

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