Side Effects of too much Protein in the Diet ♦ Overdosing on Protein

Don’t believe in everything you read in papers! I read every month- in many fitness and health magazines, and I’m sure many of you had seen it as well, – how great is protein and how wonderfully it will help you transform your body! All you have to do is eat it in everything, add it to all your meals, and you’ll lose weight, burn fat, etc. Is it really TRUE????  What do you think?? I would say: Not entirely. There are many side effects on overdosing protein and that many magazines don’t mention as ofter as they should – in my opinion.  First of all, more than 30g of protein shouldn’t be consumed at once!  And there are much more. Watch the video, where I tired to summarize some of the most common side effects.

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2 Responses to Side Effects of too much Protein in the Diet ♦ Overdosing on Protein

  1. run4joy59 says:

    I noticed quite some time ago that eating too much protein isn’t good for me. Actually, it’s when I eat too much animal protein that I have problems…fine by me, I’m not a big meat fan anyhow.

  2. PrettyFit says:

    Thanks for making this video, I’d wondered about the physiological effects of eating too much protein for a while as everywhere I look I’m told to eat more! Really informative.

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