Post Pregnancy Workout – Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

I put together a short video for women who want to get back in shape after having a baby. Included there exercises, should help you lose weight and tone your entire body by targeting  abs, arms, glutes, legs & thighs muscle groups.  However, some exercises are difficult and as I mentioned in the video: remember to consult your physician before performing those exercises. You need to get your doctor’s clearance because your body must be ready for exercising and that takes WEEKS! The workout is pretty straight forward and self explanatory in a video. Good luck!

In addition, when you’re  ready, I also recommend my ‘Super Cardio Workout – Jump rope & Lunges’ This fantastic set should help you lose weight, and lunges are great for shaping you butt, legs and thighs.

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1 Response to Post Pregnancy Workout – Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

  1. piko says:

    hi madam i saw your video ” how my body changed after pregnancy & childbirth” in mentioned you had a stretched belly button in the video…..did that become normal or is it still there?

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