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Arms & Chest Exercises on a Stability Ball ★ Upper body workout (Chest, Back, Arms & Shoulders)

Really supper easy workout that will help you get your upper body in shape. It will tone your arms, chest, shoulders, etc. If you wish to intensify the workout use heavier weights. It’s ok if you do only a few … Continue reading

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Cardio or Strength: Which exercise do you do First ★ How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training?

How should we exercise? Should we do cardio exercises first or strength training first? Can we combine them? In this video I tried to answer the best I could. I based my opinion on years of training. In short, everything … Continue reading

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Some Facts about Cardio

Make sure you get the cardio work done regularly! It will help you burn extra calories and get rid of stubborn fat! It could be anything- you name it: running, walking, biking, jump roping, hiking, doing my favorite burpees :),  … Continue reading

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Short Warm-up and stretching Before Exercise ★

Many people ignore any form of warm ups thinking it’s a waste of time. Wrong. Even a short and easy warm up can increase the blood flow to the muscles, which decreases muscle stiffness and decreases risks of injury. You … Continue reading

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Abdominal & Core Workout ★ Best of the Best Exercises

Who doesn’t want six pack abs,  small waistline or just a flat stomach. We all do want great abs!  Many people suffer from lower back pain because their core is not strong enough. Try this fantastic workout. It can be … Continue reading

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Tabata ★ High-Intensity Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

It’s a very intense, maximum effort workout. You should try to push yourself really hard in every exercise and every round. However, focus on your form!! This workout isn’t recommended for beginners. Try something easier before you attempt this routine. … Continue reading

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Exercises for a Flat Stomach & Tight Waistline

For a  tight waistline, toned abs or a  flat stomach this short video will help you select workouts and choose exercises right for you. Don’t forget about your diet! It’s hard to see fitness results if you don’t eat right. Side … Continue reading

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How to Do Push Ups ★ Diamond &Tricep Pushups; And Knee Push Ups for beginners

If you think you can’t do a single push-up…. think again!   Here is an easy way to start; You have to begin somewhere, right. 🙂 Be persistent, push yourself, don’t give up,  exercises regularly and do your best every time. You’ll … Continue reading

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Pilates Exercises For Core Strength & Flexibility

This low impact Pilates based workout should help you shape up muscles, strengthen you core and get more flexible. Remember to stay hydrated 🙂 When I filmed this it was 96 degrees outside 😉   

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Electrolyte Drinks ★ What are Sports Drinks & Who needs them?

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